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Dr. Matt J. Cichowicz

Dr. Matt attended the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign graduating with a degree in molecular cellular biology. His time there helped him develop a great respect for research which inevitably led him to evidence based practice. After completing his Doctorate degree from the National University of Health Sciences, Dr. Matt attended post-graduate seminars on nutrition, biomechanics, rehabilitation, and manual therapy.

He specializes in treating musculoskeletal conditions and has developed a methodology stemming from various scopes of medicine to provide efficient care for his patients. He believes that the best results come from a joint venture where doctor and patient work together with a transparent flow of information. Dr. Matt continues to enhance his knowledge through research based practices on current clinical techniques that will help his patients, family, and friends. 

His goals are simple; provide excellent care for his patients and impact their lives to achieve optimal health.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Client Testimonials

I decided to go to Avail at the urging of two coworkers who rave about Dr. Cichowicz. They were correct! After one visit my back issues were significantly better and my issue was resolved after only four visits. What I really like about Dr. Cichowicz is that he diagnoses the root cause of the issue and doesn’t just mask the symptoms like so many doctors do. He really wants you to get better and doesn’t have you return for unnecessary appointments just to squeeze more money out of you!

Stephany from Orland Park

Dr. Cichowicz is a life saver! His approach was different from other chiropractors I have seen. I appreciated that he concentrated on exercises and tools I could use myself to prevent my injury from recurring. I highly recommend him!

James from Oak Park

Dr. Cichowicz at Avail Chiropractic is genuine and caring. He is very knowledgable on the most current practices and does a great job ensuring the best care for his patients. He is easy to talk to and gives great recommendations on how to live a healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend his services!

Joanna from Palos Hills

I was suffering from a pinched nerve in my neck and had been seeing another chiropractor three times a week for several weeks with no relief. After weeks of sleepless nights and constant discomfort I needed to figure out something different. I hesitated in seeing another chiropractor but trusted the reviews and gave Dr. Cichowicz a shot.

The experience has been incredible! After just a couple visits I was noticing significant improvement and now after only six visits I am back to nearly 100%!! The drastic and rapid improvement was due to the fact that I didn’t have to be in the office to be working on my recovery. Dr. Cichowicz had a plan and assigned homework. I followed the plan, did the homework and have been nothing short of shocked with the results!

Be patient, trust the process, do the homework and I am confident Dr. Cichowicz will not only fix the problem but help prevent future problems.

John from Hickory Hills

Dr. Cichowicz is excellent. He asks detailed questions about every little thing you’re feeling, then he puts in every ounce of effort to make you feel better. He really knows what he is doing, and great at what he does. I saw him 5 times, and I feel so much better. He helped me with my lower spine issues, and he was spot on with everything overall. I feel great now, and if you have back issues, I recommend you see Dr. Cichowicz as soon as possible, you will not regret it.

Lisa from Palos Park

Dr. Cichowicz was great! Very different than what I expected a chiropractic visit to be. He took the time to work with me on a plan for exercise (easy movements) that I could do to help relieve my neck and shoulder discomfort from breastfeeding that was leading to sometimes debilitating migraines. His goal was to fix the issue and give me the tools to maintain back/neck health on my own so that I didn’t have to continue with regular visits and that he did! Thanks so much for your help Dr. Cichowicz! And it was such a pleasure meeting you! I highly recommend him and this practice.

Michelle from Oakbrook

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