My main goal is to have my patients be able to enjoy all of the activities in their daily lives free from pain. My philosophy is simple, we optimize all forms of movement in order to deal with current dysfunction and prevent future ailments. As cliché as it may sound I also play a role as a teacher. I stress taking a self-interest in one’s health. It seems obvious, and yet many do not fully take on the responsibility. Optimizing one’s health takes work, HARD WORK! Are you actively holding yourself responsible for the foods that you consume? Are you diligent in your efforts to provide time for physical activity? Do you set realistic goals to provide your body with the fundamentals needed for well being? E.g. Proper hydration, adequate sleep, functional breathing, ect. These are all topics I discuss with my patients and educate them on so they may strive to truly possess optimal health. I aim to answer questions with the most recent data available to me. Above all I try to rectify as much misinformation as I can. E.g. There are no magic weight loss pills.

My past experience working in pain management in Lakeview, IL showed me the possibility of conservatively treating the human body without the need for drugs or surgery. I wanted to practice where I grew up to help my community. I opened Avail Chiropractic in Palos Hills, IL to provide my community a place to seek quality care from one of the best chiropractors in Palos Hills.